Peat Bedding for Livestock

Peat Bedding for Livestock

No matter how well a barn, stall, cattle or livestock shed is run, you will always seek ways to make it better.

It’s always good to be on the look-out for other options that are conducive to cleaner, healthier and warmer living quarters for your animals and livestock areas, particularly in the run-up to winter.

Soft, cushiony, peat moss makes a fine bed for horses and livestock, providing great support for bones and joints.

There are many other untold health and comfort benefits of using peat moss as a replacement bedding for your animals and in particular, horses.

Comprised of partially decomposed sphagnum moss, peat moss is by far the most absorbent bedding available, absorbing up to ten times its own weight in moisture. In addition, it is unsurpassed in its ability to absorb odours, minimising smells.

Its absorbability, and odour prevention, make it a great choice for horses with respiratory challenges such as heaves or inflammatory airway disease. The primary source of airborne dust in barns is feed and bedding, and peat moss helps cut way down on that dust.

The particle size of the peat is so large that it is not harmful to the airways of the horse, meaning the particles can’t go so deep into the lungs of the horse.

It has been proven that peat bedding releases less ammonia into the environment, with horses and animals (and humans), showing fewer signs of respiratory problems compared to when wood shavings are used.  The horse’s hooves also have a much better moisture content.

Peat moss is easy to muck and can be used with all types of floors. In addition, it comes in easily stored and transportable bags.

A very environmentally friendly bedding, it can be readily composted and re-used as an excellent soil conditioner when spread on land.

There really is no better way to make a nicer, healthier home for your animals during the cold winter months.

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