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As one of the UK's leading manufacturers of horticultural peat and compost products, quality continues to be pinnacle to the Evergreen ethos. With over 60 years experience as a horticultural manufacturer, Evergreen continues to supply Top Quality Sphagnum Irish Moss peat in bales and bulk for the growers market at home and abroad.

Irish sphagnum moss peat organic structure delivers optimal plant growth and is used exclusively throughout the comprehensive range of Evergreen composts. With Evergreen, you can be assured the ultimate growing results are achieved by our customers at all times.

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ISO 9001 Harvested from sites of non scientific interest No Recycled Materials
Irish Moss Peat and Multi Purpose Compost

The Streptocarpus society recommends Evergreen's 100% peat based composts ideal for growing your Streptocarpus.
visit their website at www.streptocarpussociety.org.uk