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Evergreen commenced manufacturing baled Irish Sphagnum Moss peat for the grower market at home and abroad in the 1950’s.

Now a thriving third generation family business we continue to seek new customers across the globe who understand the exceptional benefits of growing with ‘Irish Sphagnum Moss Peat’.

Evergreen Peat stockist panelEvergreen's Irish Moss Peat is sourced from weed free bogs in the centre of Ireland.

Our peat is a natural product, free from any additives.

The peat is screened into
a 0-12mm particle size (medium grade) or into a
12-25mm (coarse grade).

Irish Sphagnum Moss peat bales are available in 100ltr, 150ltr, 200ltr and 250ltr compressed bales in a
0-12mm medium grade.

Evergreen Peat stockist panel

Coarse grade 12-25mm is also available.


Evergreen continues to be at the forefront of the substrate market due to the high specification of our recipes.

Irish sphagnum moss peat organic structure delivers optimal plant growth and is used exclusively throughout the comprehensive range of Evergreen composts.

They are ideal for all of your planting needs, including seeds, cuttings, potting, hanging baskets, containers and outdoor planting.

Evergreen Peat stockist panel

With Evergreen, you can be assured the ultimate growing results are achieved by our customers at all times.

To place an order or to obtain further information please call - 0044 (0) 28 8774 0950 or email sales@evergreenpeat.co.uk

Evergreen Peat stockist panel