Evergreen Irish Moss Peat - BULK

Grades : 0 - 12mm / 12 - 24mm / 4m³ bulk bags

Evergreen Irish Moss Peat is made from carefully selected sphagnum mosses that are screened and blended to produce a superior product, not only for retailing but for the professional grower. The raw material for our peat production is harvested from large raised bog areas which have developed under favourable climatic conditions. This is the natural habitat for the sphagnum moss which is solely used in the production of the Evergreen Irish Traditional Moss Peat Range. Evergreen Irish Moss Peat is a traditional screened medium grade peat.

Evergreen Irish Moss
Peat bulk deliveries
are approx. 100m³.
Our bulk peat is
also available in
4m³ bulk bags
as seen opposite.

Tote 4 cubic metre bulk bag

Peat provides a healthy environment to promote plant growth. A natural product, free from artificial additives, it ensures easy maintenance by assisting sandy soil to retain water and nutrients and opens up heavy soils and generally improves the structure of all soil types. Ideal use as a soil conditioner, for planting out, mulching compost and making lawn improvement.

Irish Moss Peat Bulk

Bulk delivery available via fleet of curtain siders
and walking floor trailers.